Delivery of New/Used Rescue 1340
April 9, 2019

As our mission and response area steadily changes so does our apparatus. For years we responded all over the Scott Valley Area with a light duty rescue truck with no water. With the increase in call volume we have chosen to upgrade to a Medium Duty Rescue that caries 300 Gallons of water and has a 500 Gallon Per Minute pump. There has been many times that we are coming back from a medical emergency and be dispatched to a fire. This allows us to immediately respond and take action instead of returning to the Fire Station to get a Fire Engine. This new apparatus is outfitted with Basic Life Support, Full Set of Hydraulic Rescue Tools (Jaws), Stabilization and Lifting Equipment, Water Rescue, Rope Rescue, Haz-Mat, Thermal Imaging Camera and Urban Search and Rescue Equipment. This vehicle is equipped with a Command Light Tower that Raises out of the top which provides us with lighting during night time hours. The Rescue is four wheel drive and is equipped with a winch and On-Spot Chains. We are very pleased with this apparatus and its capabilities. Please stop by the station and take a look at it the community should be proud of the service Fort Jones Fire Department provides to the Citizens of Scott Valley and its Visitors.